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Red Cloud Photography Days delivers fun, creative and hands-on photography workshops as well as offering short 'how to' video tutorials to get you learning right away - view our photography videos page.

We don’t like boring lectures, so we can’t expect you to either. We've sat through dozens of boring photography courses ourselves, to make sure we know what not to do. Our company is based on your feedback and what you want, which is a sense of knowledge - quick and fast without being lectured and bored!

We cut out the unnecessary jargon and fluff to deliver interactive photography courses and workshops. You’ll instantly improve your skills, with the confidence to enable you to get out there and capture those precious opportunities on your digital camera.

Our photography workshops are acknowledged and showcased through many online activity experience companies, such as Virgin Experience Days, Red Letter Days, Last Minute and Activity Superstore. Our courses also retail through WH Smith, Debenhams, Boots and Marks & Spencers - so you're in safe hands!

Our Photography Tutors

Our course tutors are all working photographers. They all share a passion for photography and want to relay this to you. They have been hand-picked from hundreds of photographers in the UK, and we are proud to have them on the Red Cloud team.


Cristina Massei

I love capturing London’s uniqueness on picture, stealing candid shots of people and generally having my Nikon with me, because there’s always something beautiful around if you know how to look. But two subjects always give me a rush: rock stars and fish. I’m a freelance music photographer and writer and Editor in Chief at Sonic Shocks, a web and print publication born in 2010; I shot stars like Iggy Pop, Kiss, Metallica, and Deep Purple.  In my earlier days I was hit by the travel bug, and drifting around the world ended up shooting tourists in posh resorts, sea safaris on precarious boats and critters 40 metres down the ocean as a PADI Digital Underwater Photography Instructor.

Red Cloud Days:

A photo pit, a good gig and a decent light tech
A dive in clear warm water, little current, plenty of big stuff and a whale shark
A quiet evening, a nice movie, good food and a vintage red

Black Cloud Days:

 Dealing with bureaucracy 

Early mornings and abrupt awakenings


 Philip Joyce

My interest in photography started as a small boy, looking through my father's photograph albums from his time in the Royal Navy. I purchased my first 'serious' camera in 1980 and have been actively involved in photography since then. I hold a Distinction award from the Photographic Alliance of Gt Britain and an Associateship of The Royal Photographic Society. I am a photography  tutor with my local Adult Education Service, as well as a competition judge and speaker.

In my personal photography (www.philipjoycephotography.co.uk) my interests are mainly centred on  people, their activities and street life. I prefer to work on portfolios of pictures and have published  several books from my projects on dog shows, rodeo, cemeteries, the lives of older people and  zoos.

Red Cloud Days: 

Finding something interesting to photograph in an ordinary place

A day at the zoo

Indian food 

                                                           Black Cloud Days:

                                                          A dead computer

                                                          Starting the day when it's still dark! 

                                                          Wonderful light... just at the point when you have to leave! 


Andrea Palmer

From an early age, I'd always been interested in art and photography. Over the years I've enjoyed creating, exhibiting and selling my paintings & art photography. In 2002 I studied in Art and Design and then went on to study a BA Hons in Photography at Nottingham Trent University. After graduating in 2007, I set up my company as a professional wedding/portrait and commercial photographer in the heart of Nottingham. I can honestly say I love my job. It satisfies my creative juices and brings me into contact with lots of interesting people. My career takes me far and wide to the unusual and fascinating; it gives me the freedom to create meaningful photography for companies and individuals. I teach photography for beginners and improvers who want to learn how to make the most from their camera settings and help them to see their world through a creative eye. In photography, I’m fascinated by portraiture and how placing people within a landscape can dramatically change the meaning of the image. I believe photography is an art in which our imaginations can come to life through the lens. Photography is instant and there are endless opportunities to capture images all around us, so pick up your camera and let’s begin.




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