The search is over, the votes are in. We have found the UK's worst photographer.

.........it is 'The Glowing Baby' by Stuart McGhee!


Britain’s newly crowned worst photographer, Stuart McGhee said: “I am extremely surprised to have won. Family and friends already see me as bad photographer; this award makes it official!

“The picture of our daughter Jasmine is known in the family as the ‘demon child’ photograph and is brought out for a laugh every now and again.

“My wife bought me the latest photography equipment just before Jasmine was born, but I had no clue how to use it. Our daughter is now two and a half, and as you can see, I still need to improve.

“I’ve already been on one photograph training course, however this time I think I will take RedCloudDays.co.uk portrait and lighting course.”

The runner up is Alien Resurrection

The runner up will receive a 50.00 gift voucher and the three other finalists will receive the full package of our online tutorials. 

Here at Red Cloud, we are so confident in our ability to train anyone to take great photos that we’ve embarked on a mission to find the UK’s most hopeless snapper, and promise to train them up for free on one of our photography workshops & experience days to transform their photography.

Here are the 3 other images that made the top 5:


Whether it was the bride’s head being cut off or the birthday boy suffering from a serious case of red-eye, all nightmare photos have been considered. The ultimate idea is for Red Cloud to prove we can take Britain's worst photographer and train them to be a great photographer.

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