For informal, informative and exciting photography courses in Manchester look no further than Red Cloud - the UK's leading photography training company. We courses where you will learn the tips, tricks and techniques from our professional photography trainers. Learn how to take full control of you DSLR camera by joining us on one of our photography courses in Manchester. We run an Introduction to DSLR photography course and an evening city photography tour right in the heart of Manchester's vibrant city centre

Photgraphy Courses Manchester

Our photography classes in Manchester are suitable for complete beginners to those who have some knowledge of their DSLR's. You'll be amazed at the difference in your photography by spending time learning from our professionals - have a a read through of the courses descriptions below, and join us in Manchester soon.

Introduction to DSLR Photography - Manchester


Photography Course ManchesterIf you're relying on the automatic controls of your DSLR camera but would like to unlock both yours and your camera's potential, then join us on this fun and exciting one day course in Manchester. This course caters for those who have no knowledge or some basic understanding of of digital photography - this course is for DSLR's only.

During this one day photography course, you will learn the principles of aperture, shutter, ISO, White Balance and compositions - you will be using your camera on full manual by the end of the day. Working with a professional photographer, we'll unlock your potential in no time by using plain English and practical examples to get you comfortable with a whole new world of photography. This course is extremely practical and hands-                                                                                       on, you'll actually be taking photos right from the beginning - which is the                                                                                     easiest way to practice, make mistakes and learn.                                                                                                                               Find out
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Manchester Evening Photography City Tour
Location: Manchester City Centre - M1 3LY

We run no courses from Manchester - Central . The courses available in this location are:

Our evening photography courses take place in the heart of Manchester City Centre.Evening Photography in Manchester

Our Manchester evening photography course will teach you how to capture exciting night time images of this bustling city using the manual settings on your DSLR camera. Within two hours we’ll show you how to achieve stunning photographic effects using professional tips and tricks to create frame worthy photos.


We cover a lot in two hours including –

· Shutter speed light effects (to create light trails and other effects)

· Ways to use your tripod

· Aperture settings for capturing successful image at night

· How to use the white balance and ISO features of your camera

Due to the nature of this course we suggest that it would be suitable for photographers who already have a basic to intermediate photographic ability. You’ll need to bring your own DSLR camera and a tripod as well.

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