Red Cloud offers a great variety of photography courses in Nottingham to motivate and inspire you to get the most from your DSLR camera. If you're looking to capture the perfect photograph every time, then you're in the righPhotography Courses Nottinghamt place.

Our photography courses in Nottingham will teach you all the necessary photography skills to unleash the inner photographer in you. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer, we have courses that will suit your skill level.

We offer a variety of courses including:

  • Introduction to DSLR
  • Evening Photography

Nottingham Introduction to DSLR


Your Nottingham Introduction to DSLR photography course is a great short, sharp introduction to photography, and lasts for 5 hours.
Photography Course Nottingham
During your course, you'll get the opportunity to get out and put into practice the new photography skills you'll be learning from your experienced tutor. Under our guidance, you'll be given a variety of pictures to take with your DSLR camera. There is nothing like practical training to ensure you practice and learn photography at the same time. Our photography workshops are fun and informal, which makes for a great learning environment.



Nottingham City Centre Evening Course


We run no courses from Nottingham - Central . The courses available in this location are:

Nottingham Evening Photography Course

On our Nottingham evening photography tour you’ll learn how to capture stunning night time photos using skilled lighting tricks with your DSLR. You’ll learn how to create motion blur and light trails – you’ll never look at a Nottingham tram the same after this. This course will be based around the market square, as there is a bustling city nightlife just waiting to be captured on your camera. Learn more information or Book Now!